Morelia/Linares 2007, Round 9: Topalov survives a scare against Ivanchuk. Morozevich smashes Leko

Topalov survives a scare against Ivanchuk. Morozevich smashes Leko with a brutal attack. A day off for Carlsen and Aronian. Anand has to fight for a draw.

Topalov – Ivanchuk

Topalov plays a little passively in a Sicilian Paulsen/Kan, but gradually builds up a kingside attack. Ivanchuk calmly neutralises the attack before it gains any momentum and comes away with a strong grip on the centre. That grip slowly weakens Topalov’s position, and his king is exposed. Topalov gets into an awkward pin with his knight which allows Ivanchuk to grab the initiative in the complicated endgame. Ivanchuk forces the win of a pawn, and Topalov is in desperate trouble. Topalov puts up a stubborn defence and eventually claws himself into a position where Ivanchuk has nothing better than a draw by repetition.

Morozevich – Leko

Morozevich unleashes a side-line of the Queen’s Indian Defence compelling Leko to head into a Benoni-like position. Leko tries to unbundle his cramped position, but incautiously allows and then accepts a typical h-file exchange sacrifice. The sacrifice smashes Leko’s kingside pawn structure, and Morozevich goes on the offensive. He calmly brings all his pieces into the attack, and gets his knight into e6 with a clever manoeuvre. Suddenly Leko’s position is demolishes with a series of blows. Leko lashes out hoping for a perpetual, but Morozevich clinically wipes away all resistance.

Carlsen – Aronian

Both players follow Topalov-Leko from round 3, and Carlsen deviates with 27. Bf1 which concludes a draw by repetition of position.

Svidler – Anand

Anand equalises out of a Petroff, and accepts a smashed queenside for the two bishops. Anand sacrifices a pawn to activate his pieces, and Svidler doesn’t seize the moment to increase his advantage. Anand comfortably holds the endgame.

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