This website covers the news, tournaments, players, openings and games of the top grandmasters.

Game analysis is done using a combination of my own thoughts, backed up by analysis by Deep Fritz 8 and Shredder 7. Each game is analysed by Deep Fritz 8 at either 120 seconds per move (120 threshold), or 180 seconds per move (75 threshold). I then add my own notes and references, using Shredder 7 in infinite analysis mode.

I used to be a regular on the South African chess tournament circuit in the Gauteng region. I don’t play seriously anymore, but I still have a strong interest in the game, especially on the super GM level.

I have a prediliction for closed strategic games, I specialised in the French Defence (I’m particularly fond of the …Qb6 variation of the closed French Tarrasch), but enjoy watching SuperGM’s tearing themselves apart in the Sicilian Najdorf, Sveshnikov, as well as the Closed Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence and Archangel. The modern style of play, aggressive positional allied with tactics is intricate, complex and compelling.

My favourite players are Vladimir Kramnik, Veselin Topalov, Peter Svidler and, of course, Vassily Ivanchuk.

I was fortunate to see the first game of the Kasparov – Kramnik Braingames World Championship live in Hammersmith, London in 2000. The first game – a Berlin defence, still stands out to me as an awesome demonstration of the playing strength and depth of Kramnik.

As well as being a chess related blog, this site is also a space to experiment with concepts like structured blogging and the usefulness of tagging.

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