Morelia/Linares 2007, Round 8: Morozevich holds Carlsen in a tense struggle. All games drawn.

Morozevich has a tough struggle to secure a draw against Carlsen. Leko and Ivanchuk show some fighting spirit. The rest of the field take the day off.

Morozevich – Carlsen

Morozevich adopts an ancient variation out of an Open Ruy Lopez, allowing Carlsen to remove White’s potent light-squared bishop for the cost of a pawn. Morozevich returns the pawn, and Carlsen gradually takes over the initiative. Carlsen makes a slip in a complicated position, and both sides settle for the draw.

Leko – Ivanchuk

Ivanchuk adopts a Rubinstein French which gives Leko a slight edge. Ivanchuk sacrifices a pawn to free his position and hasten the endgame. Ivanchuk regains his pawn and simplifies into a drawn pawn endgame.

Anand – Topalov

In a Najdorf Sicilian Topalov avoids the … Be6 that got him into deep trouble against Ivanchuk earlier in the tournament. Topalov equalises comfortably, and a draw is agreed.

Aronian – Svidler

Aronian plays an eclectic variation of the Grunfeld that prevents Svidler from pursuing the typical strategic objectives of the opening. And a draw is declared very early on.

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