Mtel Masters 2006, Round 9 – Topalov downs leader Kamsky

Topalov blasts tournament leader Kamsky.

Kamsky – Topalov

Kamsky declines to take Topalov on in the poisoned pawn Sicilian Najdorf. Topalov’s rapier-like queenside thrust pushes Kamsky on the backfoot. Kamsky’s knights get into a tangle, and Topalov is efficient at making White’s position critical. Kamsky’s e-pawn falls, and after Topalov sacrifices the exchange, Kamsky’s position breaks.

Bacrot – Ponomariov

Ponomariov builds a solid position from the Queens Indian Defence, and his pawn centre gives him the initiative. His pressure gains no ground and the position heads towards a rook ending, where a draw by repetition gains the draw.

Anand – Svidler

More anti-Marshall Ruy Lopez, and Anand is struggling a little to get his knights under control. Svidler takes control, but loses his way allowing Anand a brief tactical sequence leaving Svidler with the only option of taking a draw by perpetual.

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