Mtel Masters 2006, Round 8 – Topalov wins a creative game against Ponomariov

Topalov dismantles Ponomariov’s game in creative style. Other games drawn.

Topalov – Ponomariov

Yet another ant-Marshall Ruy Lopez and Topalov’s bishop development right through Black’s centre is a prelude to a kingside attack. Topalov sacrifices an exchange – which becomes an entire rook – to keep his threats alive. This snare’s Ponomariov’s queen, which he has to sacrifice for a bishop. Topalov finishes the game masterfully using his major pieces and passed pawn.

Svidler – Bacrot

An anti-Marshall Ruy sees both players pushing hard on the queenside. The game finishes with a repetition of position in a difficult position for both sides.

Kamsky – Anand

Kamsky surprises Anand with an Exchange Ruy Lopez, but Anand quickly obtains a comfortable position. As pieces are whittled off a balanced rook endgame sees a draw by repetition.

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