Corus 2008, Round 5 – Radjabov’s Kings Indian topples Eljanov. Mamedyarov beats van Wely

Radjabov turns the tables on Eljanov’s centre pawn storm. Mamedyarov outplays van Wely. Adams has a comfortable draw against Kramnik. Gelfand blunders horribly against Topalov. Ivanchuk and Carlsen have a quick draw. Leko’s Marshall Gambit secures a draw against Polgar.

Eljanov – Radjabov

Radjabov heads into a King’s Indian / Benoni set-up against Eljanov’s sideline. Eljanov has a slight advantage, but Radjabov whittles that away. Radjabov gets his queenside pawns moving and Eljanov counters with a centre break that backfires. Radjabov’s queenside pawns dislocate the White knight which supports White’s central advance, so its Radjabov who takes over the attack in the centre. He follows up with a pseudo-exchange sacrifice that brings his powerful dark-squared bishop into play. White’s centre collapses, and in the face of a lethal mating attack, Eljanov resigns.

Mamedyarov – van Wely

Mamedyarov fianchettos his dark-squared bishop early in a Sicilian Defence. Van Wely is on the offensive right from the start, but his lack of kingside development means his initiative is temporary. Mamedyarov gets going by sacrificing a pawn, and advancing his f-pawn to exploit the lack of coordination of the Black pieces. He penetrates the seventh rank and van Wely resigns in the face of ruinous material loss.

Adams – Kramnik

Its another outing for the Nc3 Petroff, and its a dead equal position. Nothing to play for – draw agreed.

Aronian – Anand

Both players follow known theory of the Moscow variation of the Semi-Slav. Its an equal position, so it’s a short draw.

Topalov – Gelfand

Gelfand gets a solid position out of a classical Petroff. Gelfand’s attempt to exchange the major pieces and rectify his damaged pawn structure gives Topalov a free hand on the kingside. Short of time, Gelfand blunders his queen, and throws in the towel.

Ivanchuk – Carlsen

Ivanchuk surprises Carlsen with an Exchange Ruy Lopez. Carlsen reacts solidly and the pieces start disappearing quickly leaving a barren rook ending.

Polgar – Leko

Polgar allows the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez. Leko gets typical Marshall counterplay for the pawn. Polgar returns the pawn and exchanges remove Black’s initiative. Polgar grabs an extra pawn but Leko’s solidity is sufficient to convince Polgar to accept a draw.

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