World Championship 2007 Round 14: Anand is undisputed world champion, Kramnik finishes second

Anand has a peaceful draw against Leko. Kramnik defeats Aronian to secure second place. Svidler improves significantly on his loss against Topalov from San Luis, and Grischuk suffers another defeat. Gelfand curbs Morozevich for a well earned draw.

Anand – Leko

Anand faces Leko’s Marshall Attack and swops off Black’s dangerous dark-squared bishop. At the end of the variation black regains his pawn and there’s not much to play for, so a draw is agreed.

Kramnik – Aronian

Kramnik improves on Radjabov – Karjakin from Corus Wijk Aan Zee earlier this year in the modern variation of the Queen’s Indian. Kramnik invests an exchange as his more active pieces start to dominate. As the exchanges happen Kramnik, with two bishops for a rook, takes control of the a-file, and Black’s weak pawns are exposed. Backed by the two bishop, Kramnik’s d-pawn advances, wreacking Black’s flimsy defences. Aronian resigns.

Svidler – Grischuk

Grischuk follows Topalov’s game against Svidler from San Luis, which allows Svidler to play a strong improvement (20. Rc1!). This exchange sacrifice allows the White queen to enter Black’s kingside and put the Black king under pressure. In the ensuing slugfest Svidler has the upperhand, and he is well on his way to winning with his three minor pieces against Grischuk’s rook.

Morozevich – Gelfand

Gelfand deviates first from an old Polgar-Shirov game in the modern Petroff. Through the tactical complexities Gelfand gains an exchange for a pawn and shattered kingside pawn structure. Morozevich gains the advantage through two outside passed pawns, so Gelfand forces the draw by perpetual check with his pair of rooks.

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