World Championship 2007 Round 12: Kramnik deposes Leko cutting into Anand’s lead

Kramnik takes advantage of a momentary lapse from Leko to cut into Anand’s lead. Aronian’s novelty brings out the best in Gelfand who grabs the full point. Morozevich snares Grischuk’s king into a mating net. Anand secures a quiet draw against Svidler.

Kramnik – Leko

Kramnik finds a new move (13. Qf4) in a typical Open Catalan. Leko manages to equalise, but Kramnik retains some niggling pressure. Leko grabs an exchange but Kramnik’s piece activity gives him adequate compensation. Leko stumbles and misses a key Kramnik move, and a dynamic equality quickly becomes a serious advantage for Kramnik as his queen infiltrates the Black position. With the advance of his pawn centre Kramnik converts the advantage into a winning position.

Aronian – Gelfand

Aronian springs an aggressive novelty in the Moscow Variation of the Semi-Slav, but Gelfand quickly adapts to the new situation and exposes the weaknesses in Aronian’s position. Gelfand brings his pieces into promising positions against the White king, and Aronian is bust. Aronian extricates himself by giving up a piece, but Gelfand converts the material advantage into the full point.

Svidler – Anand

The players continue their theoretical discussion in the Anti-Marshall Ruy Lopez, but the players swapping roles and following Svidler’s game against Ivanchuk from Linares 2007. Anand deviates first with 13… Bf8. Both players play solidly and inevitably a draw is agreed.

Morozevich – Grischuk

Morozevich offers up a Four Knights English Opening, and Grischuk equalises quickly, his strongly posted knight compensates for Morozevich’s two bishops. Grischuk builds pressure against White’s backward d-pawn. This causes Morozevich to part with his bishop pair in reclaiming the temporary pawn deficit, and his rooks start to assert their dominance. Grischuk misplays his knight, and in trying to activate his pieces he falls into serious trouble. Morozevich liquidates the central pawns leaving him with two connected passed pawns on the queenside. Grischuk’s pieces look dangerous, but Morozevich finds the nail that hinders Black’s piece activity. In a flurry of tactics Morozevich snares the Black king into a mating net.

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