World Championship 2007 Round 6: Gelfand joins Anand in the lead after a win against Morozevich.

Grischuk’s generosity creates a tense game but its only sufficient to force a draw. Gelfand beats Morozevich to join Anand in the lead. Other games are short draws.

Grischuk – Svidler

Its another anti-Moscow Semi-Slav, following Aronian-Anand from round 2 until Grischuk sacrifices the d4-pawn. Svidler’s two pawn plus is an ambitious target to play against, but Grischuk is undeterred by sacrificing a third pawn and then a piece. This brings in a White rook deep into Svidler’s position, and with Svidler’s king uncastled, the hunt is on. Grischuk gets Svidler’s queen for his rook, and the position is delicate. Grischuk sacrifices an exchange and another piece to force a perpetual check

Leko – Anand

Anand’s anti-Marshall opens up play on the queenside and gains an edge. But Leko’s counterplay is sufficient to balance things. Its a short draw, agreed after 21 moves.

Aronian – Kramnik

Kramnik finds himself on the other side of an Open Catalan and comes out of the opening a lot better than his previous opponents. Its an equal position. Kramnik takes over the centre with his bishops and pawns, Aronian has sufficient counterplay to balance the position, and its a draw after 22 moves.

Gelfand – Morozevich

Morozevich starts with a Queen’s Indian that rapidly transposes into a Dutch Defence. Its a battle between the classic centre against the hypermodern pressure from the pieces, Morozevich wielding his pieces in an elegant manner. Morozevich sacrifices an exchange to damage Gelfand’s pawn centre and dissipate his threatened attack against the king. Gelfand improves his position by activating his queenside rook and Morozevich’s position is under pressure. A tactical combination clears the kingside of Black pieces, and once the queenside pawns are neutralised Morozevich tenders his resignation.

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