Morelia/Linares 2007, Round 3: Anand powers past Carlsen

Anand powerful play disposes of Carlsen in a neat win. Leko holds Topalov in a topical Queen’s Indian. Svidler’s pressure is neutralised by Ivanchuk. Morozevich’s wild attack forces Aronian to settle for a draw.

Carlsen – Anand

Anand equalised comfortably in the Semi-Slav, and encircles the king in a semi-endgame. He forces a decisive entry of his Rook into White’s position. His bishop and rook dominates Carlsen’s position and forces its collapse.

Topalov – Leko

Topalov emerges from a Queen’s Indian defence with a strong passed pawn on c6. But Leko liquidates the position into an opposite coloured bishops endgame that he holds.

Svidler – Ivanchuk

Ivanchuk sparks off a tactical sequence in the Petroff that forces a drastic simplification into a semi-endgame. Svidler has some pressure and forces Ivanchuk into an awkward defensive posture. Ivanchuk’s active knight gains some stability on the kingside. Both sides battle hard as the position drifts towards a balanced rook endgame.

Morozevich – Aronian

Morozevich sacrifices a pawn against Aronian’s Ragozin defence is rebuffed by Aronian. Morozevich launches into a wild attack that connects through to Black’s king. Aronian’s counter attack forces Morozevich to yield to a draw.

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