Corus 2007, Round 5 – Radjabov outplays Navara, van Wely and Anand win

Radjabov stems a rampant Navara and wins after a tense struggle. Shirov plays unsoundly and is swept aside by van Wely. Anand is gifted a point through a Svidler blunder. All other games drawn.

Navara – Radjabov

Navara’s Smyslov variation forces Radjabov to take some risks in his Kings Indian Defence, including a Benko-like pawn sacrifice. Navara emerges with a slender advantage, but Radjabov fights his way back into the game. Navara gives up a piece for three pawns in his attempt to smash his way through to Black’s king, but Radjabov’s counterattack swings the game right into Black’s favour. Navara resigns unable to deflect the mating attack.

Shirov – van Wely

Shirov launches into an English Attack against van Wely’s Najdorf, and its a race of pawn-storms. Shirov launches into a dubious sacrifice that van Wely immediately accepts and stems Shirov’s attack, and grabs the full point.

Karjakin – Motylev

Motylev’s Caro-Kann thwarts Karjakin’s hopes for a White win. With a balanced position a draw is agreed.

Tiviakov – Topalov

Tiviakov’s quiet treatment of Topalov’s Berlin leaves a solid position. Topalov forces an awkward queenside deployment of the White rooks. But Tiviakov has no problems holding the rook endgame

Ponomariov – Kramnik

Ponomariov obtains nothing out of the opening against Kramnik’s Semi Slav. And Black’s activity and kingside threats are enough to convince Ponomariov to split the point.

Anand – Svidler

Svidler has a solid position from Anand’s Anti Marshall Ruy Lopez, but he blunders a piece gifting Anand an easy win.

Aronian – Carlsen

Aronian sacrifices a pawn out of the Queen’s Indian Defence. He uses the compensatory initiative to grab back the pawn, which restabilises the position. The two agree to a draw some moves later.

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