Kramnik – Topalov, World Championship 2006 (5)

Game 5 was forfeited in Topalov’s favour after Kramnik did not make an appearance in the first hour of play. This was due to FIDE breaching Kramnik’s contract by locking his private toilet. Kramnik waited in his rest area for the toilet to be unlocked and the breach of contract alleviated. This did not happen, and so FIDE allocated game 5 as a win to Topalov.

Kramnik failed to start the fifth game because of a dispute that involved:

  • a breach of Kramnik’s privacy by FIDE giving Danailov video footage of his rest area
  • a breach of contract by FIDE by changing the match conditions without agreeing it with both teams
  • unsportsmanlike behaviour from Topalov – stating in advance that he would not shake Kramnik’s hand before the game, nor attend the after-game press conference
  • Danailov’s implication of Kramnik cheating / gaining outside assistance
  • FIDE match committes favouritism towards Danailov (members were long known to be good friends with Danailov)

The debacle that followed saw the entire FIDE match committee voluntarily resign, their decision to lock the private toilets rescinded. It was clear Kramnik was in the right on all counts. But the forfeit was not rescinded, even though the forfeit was based on a the match committee’s erroneous decision.

Kramnik played game 6 under protest, so the forfeiture of this game is still in dispute. Topalov has threatened to walk out of the match if the point he gained from the forfeiture of this game is rescinded.

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