Linares 2006, Round 9 – Topalov resurgent, Leko pressed

Topalov surges past Bacrot. Leko struggles to split the point against Radjabov. Ivanchuk defuses Aronian, Svidler gets a draw from an inferior position.

Radjabov – Leko

Another Queen’s Indian with …c6 and …d5, where Radjabov tries dxc5, where his desparado would net him an extra queen for the cost of a knight. Leko brushes off a number of pieces, but allows Radjabov to win a pawn. In the long endgame Leko keeps up the pressure on the extra pawn, and earns a draw.

Aronian – Ivanchuk

A more classical Queen’s Indian sees Aronian with a slender advantage. Aronian plays a series of clever moves that look threatening, but Ivanchuk defuses the situation into a balanced rook endgame.

Svidler – Vallejo

Vallejo gets a small advantage on the Black side of an open Ruy Lopez after a dubious queen advance from Svidler. Vallejo accepts a draw in a better position.

Bacrot – Topalov

Bacrot’s edge in a Queen’s Gamit Slav is whittled away by Topalov. Bacrot goes astray and allows Topalov to double rooks on the d-file. Bacrot exchanges off a pair of rooks and a queen, but the entry of Topalov’s rook into the White position gives Topalov a winning advantage. Bacrot blunders and resigns instead of dropping a piece.

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