Linares 2006, Round 3 – Topalov salvages a draw

The top of the table clash between Leko and Svidler ends in an early truce. Topalov eventually manages to salvage a draw in a 100+ move effort against Aronian. Vallejo – Bacrot, and Radjabov – Ivanchuk end in short draws.

Aronian – Topalov

Aronian sacrifices a pawn in a Rubinstein Nimzo-Indian, and replaces it with a later exchange sacrifice for good piece mobility. Topalov gives back the exchange, leaving him a pawn up. Aronian then sacrifices another exchange to drag Topalov’s king into the firing line, and after a king chase, White has a strong position and adequate compensation for the exchange. Aronian forces an exchange of queens, and gets a very strong position of a minor piece and two pawns against Topalov’s rook. Topalov stubbornly defends the inferior endgame, and after 120 moves Aronian acceeds to a draw.

Radjabov – Ivanchuk

Both players complicate right out of a Grunfeld, but the queens get exchanged off quickly. Both sides settle down to split the points.

Svider – Leko

Leko follows his Sicilian Najdorf loss to Anand (Corus 2006), and deviates with the recommended move which establishes equality. A draw agreed a handful of moves later.

Bacrot – Vallejo

A Rubinstein Nimzo-Indian ends in a draw shortly out of the opening.

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