Corus 2006, Round 11

Topalov and Anand have tense games that eventually lead to draws. Leko is efficient against Mamedyarov. Kamsky pulls off a clever swindle against van Wely. Topalov is held by Ivanchuk in a tense game. Anand is surprised out of the opening by a devious Tiviakov. Karjakin outplays Sokolov.

Karjakin – Sokolov

The Open Ruy Lopez enters the middle-game in a dead heat, but Karjakin eventually manages to get a tiny advantage. He translates this to the win of Black’s two central pawns, and converts the resulting Queen, bishop and pawns endgame.

Leko – Mamedyarov

Another Steinitz Ruy Lopez, but Leko emerges with a slight edge and ties up the Black queenside. Mamedyarov ditches the exchange to get some play, but Leko retains control of his position. Leko creates threats on both sides of the board which nets him an outside passed pawn. Mamedyarov resigns facing the onslaught of two White queens.

Kamsky – van Wely

Van Wely plays into a Scheveningen Sicilian. Kamsky builds up a nice edge locking the Black queenside by posting a bishop on b6, but van Wely battles hard and the advantage swings to Black, but he misses the strongest line and equality results. Van Wely is compelled to sacrifice his queen for a rook and minor piece, and gets a pleasant position pressurising Kamsky’s king. Kamsky finds a diabolical trap, which van Wely falls into, which gives Kamsky a mating attack.

Aronian – Gelfand

Aronian attempts to improve on the earlier Bacrot – Gelfand game in a Queen’s Gambit Slav, but a draw agreed seven moves later, where Black has a better position.

Ivanchuk – Topalov

Topalov gets some dangerous centre pawns right out of the Black side of a Nimzo-Indian, but the position is equal. Ivanchuk gets a little carried away with his initiative and misses an important zwischenzug. In the rook and pawns ending, Topalov takes over the initiative and his queenside pawns push right through the middle of the board. But Ivanchuk holds.

Anand – Tiviakov

Tiviakov surprised Anand with the Scandanavian Defence, and quickly gets an edge. Anand fights hard, and equalises thanks to the Black king being stuck in the centre. Tiviakov holds his position together, and holds the resulting bishop and pawns endgame.

Adams – Bacrot

Another one of those Petroffs – Adams mimics Topalov’s choice of variation, but doesn’t allow his light-squared bishop to be snapped off by Black’s passing knight. Adams maintains an edge, but Bacrot defends actively and solidly.

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