Kamsky’s rocky road at Wijk aan Zee

Kamsky shows a strong hint of his real playing strength returning with a demolition of Viswanathan Anand today at Corus. Certainly Anand contributed to his own defeat, but Kamsky still had to find strong moves to convert his advantage to a win.

Kamsky’s tournament so far has been rocky. There’s many references to “rusty Kamsky”, which is perhaps true. Two games lost on the Black side of a Maroczy bind is the price Kamsky is paying for not being completely up-to-date in his opening theory, thus is compelled to play quieter lesser known lines. Against battle-hardened Grandmasters, like Ivanchuk, Kamsky’s back was always against the wall in these slightly passive positions.

Chess Fanatic has an insightful look at Kamsky’s performance so far. With brief notes on all his games of the first 6 rounds, including Kamsky’s win over Anand.

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